Akagami no Shirayuki-hime: Chapter 114 Release

Chapter 114 Read Online ☆ | Download ★ I really wanted to get this out last night, but after a full day of working, I couldn’t keep my eyes open past midnight, so I had to finish up the rest this morning. As usual, some lines have been changed from the translation post I made on Thursday, either because I spotted a TL error, or … Continue reading Akagami no Shirayuki-hime: Chapter 114 Release

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime: Chapter 114 Translation

A new incident begins in the northern lands…!

After many months of hiatus, it’s finally back!

Here’s the translation for Chapter 114. I’ll be scanlating this chapter as well (cleaning is 99% done, so I’m mostly left with the typesetting to do tomorrow), hence I didn’t add any raws here for this translation. Look forward to it!

(If anyone wants image spoilers, we already got lots of screenshots on the Discord server that were shared by our other members lol. Those that have already seen them can just kinda mix and match the parts together.)

/ – Bubbles that are linked
// – Bubbles that are completely separated
** – action or SFX
() – small text or thoughts (sometimes in special bubbles)
[] – my comments or notes

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News: Natsume Yuujinchou Vol. 25 Postponed

Source (Twitter) The release of Volume 25 of the manga (which is going to contain the 5-part Homura arc and 2 special chapters – one with the tiny youkai, and one with Kitamoto’s sister) has been postponed to 5th June. The original release date was 1st May. No reasons were provided for the postponement. As for us at APTA Scans, we are a little sad, … Continue reading News: Natsume Yuujinchou Vol. 25 Postponed

Umineko no Naku koro ni: “Ano Hi ni Furetakute” Translation – Katakiri Rekka

“Bring me along to the world where all of you are in”

Collating my old pre-Tumblr translations is truly a trip down memory lane… And also a look at the shitty quality of my old translations. Well, that gives me the chance to sort of look through them and also update/improve them.

In this case, I get to reinterpret this song now that I know the truth behind Umineko. I first translated this song when Chiru had just been released, so I had no idea what the solution to the series is, nor the truth behind Beatrice. But now that I do, this song unveils a lot more than I initially assumed so many years ago, and I can release what I hope is the most decent translation of this song.

Composition: Luck Ganriki
Arrangement: Luck Ganriki
Lyrics: Ryukishi07
Vocals: Katakiri Rekka

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Shining Blade: “Lorelei no Uta” Translation – Lia

“The path that you’re facing will continue into a legend”

One of my pre-Tumblr translation (which I’m slowly collating and gathering on this WordPress site rather than have it all over different platforms… so I can have at least one concentrated place for everything). This was… probably my first translation for a song by Lia? I was quite a big fan of hers back during my teenage years. Ah… The memories.

Composition: Agematsu Noriyasu (Elements Garden)
Arrangement: Agematsu Noriyasu (Elements Garden)
Lyrics: Agematsu Noriyasu (Elements Garden)
Vocals: Lia

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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s: “Snow Rain” Translation – Ueda Kana

“Everyone, anyone, will one day leave on a journey
while shouldering sadness and scars”

Possibly my first ever song translation back when I was like… 11? I remember checking this song out on Gendou and realising that it contained only a machine translation rather than a human one, so with my meager Japanese knowledge at the time, I translated it into English.

Now that I’m reposting it here, of course, I’ve fixed my translation errors and what-not to present my own interpretation of the song while considering it in the context of Hayate and Reinforce. It’s truly a trip down memory lane.

Composition: happy soul man
Arrangement: Yasui Ayumi
Lyrics: Tsudzuki Masaki
Song: Ueda Kana (Yagami Hayate)

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Douyou Kitan: “Kitsune no Yomeiri” Translation (Track 6) – ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY

“My heart is a kaleidoscope, ruthlessly changing”

The youkai this time is a Youko (妖狐, ‘Fox Spirit’). In the English-speaking world, this would be what we call the ‘Kitsune’ (Japanese for ‘fox’). They are probably one of the most popular of folklore creatures outside of Japan, but in summary they are powerful magical beings, sly, cheeky, wise and faithful; depending on the story, they may be tricksters or helpers.

The Youko of this song wanders around the human world (having assimilated himself into it) in search of a wife: a girl he had met when he was younger. Described to be an extremely sarcastic and moody person who’s possessive of his prey. This is also the reappearance of the Youko that appeared in Absolute Castaway’s 1st album, ‘Doukai Kitan’.

Composition: Aota Niina
Arrangement: Aota Niina
Lyrics: Nakae Mitsuki
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki

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Douyou Kitan: “Baku, Iwaku” Translation (Track 5) – ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY

“Shall I take away your nightmares?
Shall I take away the tears on your pillow?
Shall I eat up your nightmares?
How about I eat them all up?”

This song was composed and written by members of another doujin circle, Mamyukka, which is a group known for their fantasy songs, much like Absolute Castaway… except that the latter tends to be more oriental.

The youkai this time around is the Baku (獏, ‘Tapir’), usually depicted with black and white stripes all over its body, and in folklore is a creature that eats up dreams. They were born from the pieces leftover when the gods created the world, and are often called upon to eat up the nightmares of children so that they may sleep peacefully. A tapir usually moves depending on its hunger, and the trouble with it is if it is still hungry even after eating up a child’s nightmare, it would eat up the child’s goods dreams and hopes as well until it has its fill.

The Baku in this song is pretty much like the usual ones from the legend, and on nights when he’s hungry but unable to find nightmares to eat, he would guide ill will to the human’s pillow-side to make them have bad dreams. He usually forgets what he did at night or what dreams he had eaten when morning comes, so he has the tendency to do whatever he likes. His hunger abates when he does troublesome things too.

Composition: Okka
Arrangement: Okka
Lyrics: Miu
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki

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Douyou Kitan: “Matsuyoi Hime” Translation (Track 4) – ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY

“Just why do I feel so lonely?
I don’t even know the reason why”

I do not understand why Kisaragi Akihiro is not popular yet. My favourite track in every Absolute Castaway album almost always turns out to be written by him, and this one is one of his best. He’s a genius with oriental music, and even when it’s rock or pop he doesn’t fail either!

The spirit featured in this track is the Kawahime (川姫, literally ‘River Princess’), a youkai that appears as a beautiful woman on rivers or by water bodies, and attract young men who would have their lives taken by her.

The Kawahime of this song lives in a river where fringed water lilies grow. She used to be a human and in a long time ago had a lover who passed away, but she retained her feelings even when she became a youkai. Even now, it is said that she continues to wait for her beloved…

Also, it seems that the Kawahime is the granddaughter of Hotaru, the woman who fell in love with a demon in ‘Kiccha Riddle’, Absolute Castaway’s 5th album.

Composition: Kisaragi Akihiro
Arrangement: Kisaragi Akihiro
Lyrics: Nakae Mitsuki
Vocals: Nakae Mitsuki

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