Natsume Yuujinchou: “Cookies to the Forest’s Entrance” Summary (Chapter 105)

Our cuties are back with more adventures!

I was trying to get this out within a week of the chapter’s release, but life happened so it took a while. ;w;

Anyways, this is our first chapter after the 4 month hiatus! Perhaps to serve as a breather after the super intense Homura arc, we have a relatively short chapter (only 24 pages compared to the usual 30-40 pages) about Natsume, Tanuma and Nyanko-sensei stumbling into an old house in the middle of the forest.

In some ways, this chapter felt more like a special chapter rather than a main one (don’t expect any plot or character development for this one, especially not information on the grandpa), but surprisingly, it also helps wrap up some stuff in the Homura arc (firstly, DID NYANKO GET HIS COOKIES, secondly, our poor cinnamon roll pure boi needs a hug ;w;). It still gives me the usual NatsuYuu feels, so no complaints from me!

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Chapter 105: “Cookies to the Forest’s Entrance”

While walking home from school, Tanuma accidentally steps onto a cookie, hearing it crack under his foot. He spots another cookie in the distance, and begins finding more and more of them the further he looks.


Tanuma: (It leads into the forest.) // This is just like Hansel and Gretel. / I wonder who dropped these…


Tanuma: ! // Natsume?
Natsume: Huh… // Tanuma!? / Why are you in a place like this?
Tanuma: You too, Natsume, what are you doing here…

Tanuma asks if Natsume might have been the one to drop the cookies, but it turns out Natsume didn’t notice the cookies at all. After recognising the cookies, he runs off, following its trail. Tanuma runs after him as well.

At the end of the trail, they find a little house.


Natsume: Ah. // In a place like this… / Is it a vacant house?
Tanuma: Hey, Natsume… / Do you know what these cookies are? / You looked like you were looking for something.


Natsume: …It’s nothing big. / I guess you can say I was just curious…
Tanuma: Curious?
Natsume: ——These cookies are…


Natsume recounts what happened shortly after he and Nyanko-sensei returned from Homura. Touko and Shigeru were extremely glad that he was able to find Nyanko-sensei, and gave Nyanko-sensei the cookies that they had kept aside for him (if you remember at the start of the arc, Nyanko-sensei wanted some pretty cookies but ran off before Natsume went to buy them). Nyanko-sensei was super happy about them too.

However, when Natsume returned home from school that day, Nyanko-sensei was nowhere to be found in his room. Thinking that Nyanko-sensei might have ran off to play as usual, and that he might be going beyond Yatsuhara…


Natsume: I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and I figured it would be interesting to try following Sensei at least once…
Tanuma: … I see…
Natsume: …Don’t laugh.
Tanuma: Haha, I’m sorry. / So, at the end of these cookies will be…


Yes, it is Nyanko-sensei.

Natsume: Found him!
Tanuma: Fufu. / There’s a hole in his bag. / So that’s how the cookies fell out.


Tanuma: *sigh…* ……Natsume?
Natsume: ——As I thought, I’m still a little worried about Sensei.
Tanuma: Ah… / That’s right, at the White Mist Pottery* Village, he caught the eye of a strange Collector……

[*I’m gonna translate “Hakka Pottery” to “White Mist Pottery”, since I can pretty much confirm that ‘Hakka’ is not a family name lol. So, for localization sake, I am translating the whole term.]


Natsume: …There was someone who reassured me, saying, “I’ll take care of this incident, so you don’t have to worry.” // He isn’t someone who would say things without thinking, so I did think that things would be alright now. / But when I didn’t see Sensei around like this, I can’t help but feel anxious. // …But I’m glad.

Natsume looks around.

Natsume: I guess he found this vacant house and has been idling around in it. / …Seriously, he even brought his favourite sake and sake bottle with him.
Tanuma: Wow… // It doesn’t look like anyone is here, and it’s quite wide. Rather than a residence, this is more like… an arbor?


Tanuma: It’s old, / but it’s pretty. // It’s perfect as a hideaway / or as a secret base.


Natsume: A secret base… / Then we’ve done something bad, haven’t we? Since Sensei has been secretly having fun here…
Nyanko: *open!* Hm hm. / Natsume and… the Tanuma brat.
Natsume: Ah! Nyanko-sensei! // I’m sor-
Nyanko: You came here with perfect timing. Help me out.
Natsume: Huh!?

Nyanko-sensei explains that he discovered this place while chasing butterflies during his patrol. He figured that it would be the perfect place for him to take his afternoon naps, and was just in the midst of checking it out. The only issue is that the place is rather dusty, and Nyanko-sensei doesn’t have the spare time to clean the place up as he likes.


Nyanko: I’ve brought some dust cloths with me. / Just wet them in the river over there.
Natsume: What—
Nyanko: If we don’t at least clean this veranda, you two won’t be able to idle around either, right?

And just like that, the boys got to work.


Natsume: Geez~~~ *wipe wipe wipe wipe* // This house may be vacant, but it might have an owner, so don’t just do whatever you like, Sensei.
Nyanko: Come on! / Put your backs into your wiping!
Boys: Phew~~ // We’re finally doneee—


Completely exhausted, they plopped down onto the veranda, and had their rest. And as they closed their eyes—

Natsume: (What is this?) / (There’s some sort of sweet fragrance coming from somewhere.) // (Is it Sensei’s cookies?) / (No…) // (Maybe it’s flowers.) / (——It’s very) // (kind and sweet——)

Soon enough, Natsume notices that evening has already arrived, so they prepare to leave.


Nyanko: By the way, how did you two learn of this place?
Natsume: How? Because your cookies had fallen out, Sensei.
Nyanko: WHAT!? // *stunned* There’s a huge hole…
Natsume: Shall we pick them up on our way home, Sensei?


Nyanko: …… / No, just leave them as they are. // We still have lots of maintenance to do. / Tomorrow, you two will follow this trail back to my afternoon napping spot. We will gather there.

[Did Nyanko just… sacrifice his cookies!? Omg!]


Natsume: “Maintenance”……?
Tanuma: Haha, I’m sure birds would have eaten them by tomorrow, Sensei.

The following day, the two boys find the trail of cookies and arrive at the empty house.


Natsume: We’re here.
Nyanko: You two are so slow! / You’re gonna be devoting yourselves to the maintenance of my drinking party spot!
Natsume: Wasn’t this your afternoon napping spot?
Tanuma: ——Huh? Natsume. / There’s something on the pillar there…


Indeed, on the pillar was a hand-written note, saying,

“Thank you for wiping the place. Please enjoy yourselves here.”


Natsume: Uwah! / It’s probably from the owner. (S- So embarrassing…)
Tanuma: I wonder if it’s okay to just take advantage of their offer like that. / Even though we entered as we liked…
Nyanko: Stop complaining! Today, we are wiping the sliding doors! / I want the moonlight and the evening sun to shine on it beautifully.


Natsume: …As an apology for Sensei coming in as he liked, we should at least clean the frame of the sliding doors.
Tanume: Let’s do that.
Natsume: You help too, Sensei.
Nyanko: Hmph. / Just this should be enough, right?

Or so they thought.


Nyanko: *rip…*

Stunned by the tear, the two boys inspect the damage. Natsume asks if it can be fixed, and Tanuma figures that, if they bring some sliding door paper and glue tomorrow, it should do the trick. Natsume returns to the note on the pillar, and quickly jots down an apology.

“Sorry, we tore the sliding door. We will fix it tomorrow.”

Back at home, Natsume asks Shigeru for some sliding door paper.

Shigeru: …Hm? Sliding door?
Natsume: Yes… // Can I have enough for one grid? / We were staying at a place and we kind of… tore it.
Shigeru: Oh. / Were you at the Tanuma’s?
Natsume: Ah, no.
Shigeru: It’s okay to be mischievous, but you have to keep it in moderation.


Shigeru: If it’s at home, you can break as many as you like, // but always make sure to apologize, alright, Takashi?
Natsume: …… Yes.

[Shigeru is such a good papa ;w;]

As Natsume leaves the next day, Touko stops him, handing him some strawberries.


Touko: Here, give them these strawberries as an apology. // *rustle!* Do your best!
Natsume: ——… // Thank you so much.
Nyanko: Oh~~~ These strawberries look tasty~~~
Natsume: They are not for you, Sensei.

[And now we have our sweet mama TwT]

They continue to follow the trail of cookies (how have they not been eaten by animals yet??), during which Natsume asks if the owner might be there. Nyanko-sensei promptly answers that he doesn’t need to care so much about an uninhabited empty house.


Natsume: Don’t you start, Sensei.
Tanuma: Oi, Natsume—

The three of them head to the house, and find that a new note has been attached to the pillar.

“Thank you for cleaning the sliding doors. I have a request. Could you help me plant these seeds in the garden?”


Natsume: Huh? // By ‘seeds’, do they mean this? // …They don’t sound angry.
Tanuma: You fix the sliding door, Natsume. / I’ll clear the weeds over there and plant this.
Natsume: Thank you, Tanuma.


Natsume: …… // (The owner of this house sure is strange…) // (Rather, it feels like…) // Hey… Nyanko-sensei…


Nyanko: HEY! / ENOUGH OF THAT! HURRY UP AND BRING OUT THE PAPER! // Let’s paste it down right away. It’s time to repair my afternoon napping spot!
Natsume: ——… Yeah. // You’re right.

The three of them set down to work, and finally finished everything. Once again, exhausted, they plop onto the veranda and napped.


Natsume: (Nevertheless…) // (This is such a comfortable place——)

In his dreams, Natsume hears a man speak, and the thoughts of someone else…

Man: “——Hey there. Sorry to keep you waiting.”
??: ——It’s alright. // Always, / forever, // I will be here, waiting for you.


Natsume wakes up.


Note: As an apology, we have left some strawberries here.
Tanuma: It’s quite a mysterious arbor. // It’s like we are exchanging letters with the house owner.
Natsume: That’s true.
Tanuma: ——Hey, Natsume.
Natsume: Hm?


Tanuma: …Nah. / See you tomorrow.
Natsume: Yeah. // See you tomorrow.

And that night, Natsume had a dream.


Natsume: (There was a gentle-looking man sitting alone on top of the veranda.) / (And around him, perhaps it was the flowering season… There were so many colors as though it was overflowing with it.)
Man: Ah, my beloved arbor. // I can only visit you once every year. / I can’t even maintain or take care of you. Please forgive this useless owner of yours. // This year, I’ve been busy with my family business as well. / The days where I come here provide emotional support, so I always look forward to it. // Ah, / the view here is so beautiful. // I built this here hoping that someday, / I could bring my wife, my children, and my family here to view this scenery. // But after so long, it has always just been me.


Man: I’m sorry. Even though I built you, // I’m always here alone. // I’m sorry I couldn’t make it lively. // ——Someday, // should // guests arrive here——

Natsume wakes up. The following day, he meets up with Tanuma again, and they follow the trail of cookies into the forest. Natsume wonders about all the strange things involving this situation, about the forest that was so close to his house and yet he doesn’t know much about it, about these cookies that still look great even after so long, and about the mysterious owner who never shows his face. And when they arrive at the arbor—


Flowers had bloomed across the garden.


Tanuma: What!? / Flowers!? // …This can’t all be / the seeds I planted yesterday…? // Just how did…
Natsume: ——I’m guessing // this arbor made all of them bloom.


Tanuma: Huh…
SFX: *rustle*

The one who wrote notes to thank them for cleaning the floor and the sliding doors might have been the arbor itself. With its memories of bygone days, it’s always been here inside the forest, waiting.


Natsume: You finally have guests coming here. / But I’m sorry that it was us.

This was such an old, old little arbor, and it felt as though it was mustering the last of its power to show them this scenery.


Nyanko: Ooh, there are strawberry flowers here too.
Natsume: Tanuma. / Why don’t we take a seat at the veranda and look at this scenery for a bit?
Tanuma: Huh?
Natsume: Somehow, / I feel like we won’t be able to come here again tomorrow.


Tanuma: ———……… // I see——…
Natsume: (——I wonder if there are buildings that can become ayakashi too.)

That was the mysterious arbor that Nyanko-sensei found. It was only a short while, but it was where two people, one beast, and another certain someone, had spent their time together.

As they take a seat on the veranda, Natsume recalls the words that the owner had said in his dream.

Man: ——Someday, // should guests arrive here…


Man: Make sure to welcome them with lots of flowers, alright?

It was a beautiful and lovely, secret arbor.

“Cookies to the Forest’s Entrance” END

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